Friday, September 4, 2009

Toys for my boys

Today we have been in some parts of this town that we have never been to before... We passed the weapon shops on our way to the Instrument shops. So far in LifeCenter Bangkok we have only used a guitar when we have come together to worship.

Today we visited more than ten shops, playing, listening and comparing prices and different models. We had a lot of fun together with the boys of the band:
Chaart - worship leader and guitar
Pop - guitar, base, keyboards
Jean - keyboards
Boy - drums, base
Nut - guitar, base, drums
(What a boy band!)

Music has such a power. Music creates atmosphere and life. Just think of what the right soundtrack can do to a movie. The Bible speaks quite a lot about music and intruments. Worship is a mighty weapon.

We ended the day on Black Canyon Coffee with a long detailed list of instruments, prices and notes. We want to honour God with our music, then the instruments are important. (We need a base guitar, two amplifiers, one keyboard and a drum set. We have already some money to buy this, but not enough. Totally we need around THB 90 000 ( SEK 20 000, US 2 700). This Sunday we do a special collection for this in LifeCenter. Please let us know if you want to be a part of this but can´t come. You can transfer money (marked with "Instruments") to our Thai account:
Account no: 009-0-26784-0
Bank: Bangkok Bank
Branch: 0009, The Mall 3, Ramkhamhaeng
The account owner is Mr Martin Daniel Brolin

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