Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mission SOS visiting HiGH LiFE

Yesterday the team from the Bible collages of Mission SOS (Märsta, Sweden) and MCM, (Pittsburgh, USA) arrived in the morning. During the day we were out on the campus area inviting people for the HiGH LiFE-event. And the evening was full of creative ways of breaking down barriers and presenting the message about Jesus. There was a lot of laughter, especially when part of the team played air band to a popular radio hit here in Thai (see picture).

They also performed a great and hilarious drama called "Give Your Heart to God" before the sermon. The event ended with nine precious people giving their hearts to God.

Today another nine did the same! What a privilege it is to serve the living God. Tomorrow night we have our last event in this GOD LOVES BANGKOK festival. Please pray with us that a lot of people will come and connect with Jesus and LifeCenter Bangkok.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Enjoying ministry ;-)

Here comes a video greeting from our Saturday off with the team. Early in the morning we took a minibus and headed for Ko Samet. For some of our Thai friends it was their first time ever on the beach. It was so fun for all of us. The kids loved it and we had a great team building experience. Just relaxing after a hard working week in the heat and the beat of Bangkok.

Then on Sunday we had a good service with some of our new brothers and sisters in the Lord. Passionate worship, preaching of the word, good food together and then four friends where baptized in the rain. Such a good time!!! Loving Life. Loving Jesus and loving his church.

After the service the LifeCenter team took off for a few days in China before they go back to Sweden. Thanks for coming guys! You are a great bunch of heroes! Isn't it a priviledge to be part of serving the church of Jesus among the unreached!

Now we are preparing for the second week of our GOD LOVES BANGKOK festival and tomorrow we recieve a great team from MissionSOS and MCM... Stay tuned and keep on praying for us.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The First HiGH LiFE Event.

Last night we had our first HiGH LiFE event here in Bangkok. So far we have just had LifeGroups... but now we have started with our gatherings!

The LifeCenter team has been on the Ramkhamhaeng Campus the last three days handing out invitations and doing evangelism. What would be the result? Would anyone come to the event? The band that was supposed to play cancelled a few days before and we had just a guitar. Still we had the verse "Be still and know that I am God" ringing in our head. (Jasmine brought it home on a piece of paper in the afternoon.)

The LifeCenter team had taken up postions to help people find their way to the "Upper Room". 6 pm when the event was supposed to start just a handfull of students had come. We tried to serve them some snacks while we were waiting but the atmosphere was rather tensed. After a few minutes some more came and 40 minutes later we started with a bunch of people filling one third of the room.

Josef, our LifeCenter team leader, took the guitar and sang two songs before we started to preach. No fun games... just the simple message of God´s love. And that´s all we need. As we preached the atmosphere got easier and easier. Then we handed over the microphone to our Thai friend, Maem, and she shared her powerful story how God changed her life. After that Josef sang another song and then we did the invitation for those who wanted to be saved.

The evening ended with a joyful chaos in the "Consolidation room" where we followed up those who wanted to be saved and those that wanted to know more. 25 people made the decision to give their lives to Jesus for the first time! That makes a total of 30 this week!!! All glory to Jesus! Another handful of people wanted to know more.

People that we met for the first time and people we have been praying for during nine months went home shining with joy carrying their new Bibles under their arms. Now we need to get new Bibles for next week.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Hunger in Bangkok

Today a man called us. It was a taxi driver that had given us a ride the other day. He just called to say that he now had read the New Testament we gave him and that he had a new telephone number. He has read the whole book in just a week. When we gave it to him, he said that he always wanted to read the Bible but had never seen one in his entire life. He also said he wanted to come to our church to get to know Jesus more.

The people of this city are hungry for God and his word. The harvest is ripe. We pray to God for more workers. Tonight 14 heroes from LifeCenter in Västerås is coming. They are going to work hard for a week. Pray for them.

A few days ago Paulina gave a NT to a begger at the Skytrain station. Suddenly a man approached her and asked if it was a Bible Paulina had given the begger and if she knew how he could get hold of more. He had been looking for some and had not yet found any. People are desperate for the message of God and his love. If you feel led to support this "God Loves Bangkok"-festival that we have this week and next please contact us. Click here. We need support to print flyers, rent fascilities, follow up materials, etc.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Black Song Kran is over, calm returning

This week has been turbulent in many ways here in Bangkok. Instead of the partying and water fights of Song Kran (the Thai New Year), there was demonstrations and riots. Last Saturday we happened to be in the middle of the red shirts marching from one site to the other. A bit scary. But otherwise our part of town has been calmer than usual. Now however things have calmed down. Thank you for praying.

These days we have had the privilege of having our pastors from our hometown Västerås here with us, Per-Johan and Ulrica Stenstrand. Today we are going to show them one of our favorite places here: Ramkhamhaeng University.

On Monday our team from LifeCenter Västerås arrives. They will work with the "GOD LOVES BANGKOK"-festival and start up our HiGH LiFE events on Thursday. We believe it will be the starting point for weekly events to present Jesus and God´s lifegiving principles for the students in that area. Please remember us in your prayers the two coming weeks.
HiGH LiFE events: 23rd, 28th & 30th.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pray for Sengidoji

A few days ago we got a beautiful gift from the minister of defence of Bhu*tan. We got a belt woven in nice colours - a gift the kings of Bhu*tan usually gives to those they want to show honour. This man is the father of "Our God given friend". This young man was to be baptised on Easter Sunday but now he has to return immideately to Bhu*tan because his father has been in a terrible car accident. The three other men in the car didn't survive.

Sengidoji is now in respirator and we want to encourage you to pray for him. God hears prayers. We believe God has great plans for this man and his nation. Pray also for this new believer, our dear brother, Wangchuk, who now travels to be close to his dad. Pray for Sengidoji's healing and that also Wangchuk would be able to share about the forgiveness of sins and God's love in Jesus with his father.