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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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Go to our Swedish version of this blog instead (if you know Swedish that is):

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carbomb exploded just outside our house

Tonight when the kids where doing their homework suddenly we saw and heard a big explosion. Of what all that we can see it is a car bomb.

The car continued out on the playground opposite our house. All its windows, the roof and the right side of the car is all blown out. Please pray for Bangkok.

Update: We are all safe and the kids are now sleeping. The people on the street say that it was a bomb aimed at someone in the government. It seems like he miraculously survived, he was taken to the hospital. The first thing our daughter Jemima did was to pray that no one would die. You can see another picture at

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Pastor Sawaeng

This week we had a great Sunday. We are growing as a church. Something has happened to our team! Prayer, fasting and planning, God blesses that. Even though we have seen a few come to the Lord during our time here in Bangkok there has also been a struggle to gather the people. But now more and more discover the value of gathering together. Slowly but surely we are becoming more on the services.

On our main service we had Pastor Sawaeng from Prachuab as our guest speaker. He has a special gift of encouraging and praying for people. Many of us was encouraged and served.

This Sunday we also started serving coffee...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Beach party with baptism

What a weekend we have had! Amazing! This Saturday was our LifeCenter trip to the beach. We were playing in crystal clear water, playing volleyball on the white sand, enjoyed good food in the shadows of the trees.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. 39 people had come with us. New friendships were formed and we believe this weekend will effect the rest of this year in a very positive way.

The best part was the worship time. Simple worship, some testimonies and a message illustrated in the sand. All wrapped up with a baptism. Powerful day of celebrating Jesus and his church!
You can see more pictures on LifeCenterBKK's page on Facebook.
Click here.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Toys for my boys

Today we have been in some parts of this town that we have never been to before... We passed the weapon shops on our way to the Instrument shops. So far in LifeCenter Bangkok we have only used a guitar when we have come together to worship.

Today we visited more than ten shops, playing, listening and comparing prices and different models. We had a lot of fun together with the boys of the band:
Chaart - worship leader and guitar
Pop - guitar, base, keyboards
Jean - keyboards
Boy - drums, base
Nut - guitar, base, drums
(What a boy band!)

Music has such a power. Music creates atmosphere and life. Just think of what the right soundtrack can do to a movie. The Bible speaks quite a lot about music and intruments. Worship is a mighty weapon.

We ended the day on Black Canyon Coffee with a long detailed list of instruments, prices and notes. We want to honour God with our music, then the instruments are important. (We need a base guitar, two amplifiers, one keyboard and a drum set. We have already some money to buy this, but not enough. Totally we need around THB 90 000 ( SEK 20 000, US 2 700). This Sunday we do a special collection for this in LifeCenter. Please let us know if you want to be a part of this but can´t come. You can transfer money (marked with "Instruments") to our Thai account:
Account no: 009-0-26784-0
Bank: Bangkok Bank
Branch: 0009, The Mall 3, Ramkhamhaeng
The account owner is Mr Martin Daniel Brolin

Monday, August 10, 2009

Wangchuk and Tam were baptised

This Sunday we had a great time together at Dynasty Hotel. Our friends Wangchuk and Tam made the important decision to be baptised. Jesus is teaching us that "Whoever believes and is baptised will be saved..." When someone starts to believe in Jesus there is a party in Heaven. The Father rejoices over every person that comes to Him. In the baptism we confirm our faith, enter a covenant with God and bury our old life to start living for God and His purposes for our lives.
(You can find another picture on this link)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Bringing friends to the Isaan-village

A few days ago we welcomed our friends Inga, Sven and Mathilda from our church in Sweden as they visit us and Thailand for some days. We are so happy that they are here. They love people and to tell other about Jesus. Yesterday we went to visit a village in Isaan part of Thailand. We have been a few times to this village and so far seven people has been baptised. Our hosting family took Inga and Sven to their hearts as they encouraged them in their faith. Our dear friend Jean interpreted. Our kids were really happy to meet some of their friends and not to forget, our Beagle, Bella, who has left the mega-city life for the countryside.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Prophetic Bangkok Post

Today a headline of Bangkok Post Business edition says "Thailand must brace for revival" That sure is prophetic. The article is about finances, but the headline is still prophetic!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Enjoying nature and wedding

We are enjoying the Swedish summer. Last week we went with Daniels father to Våtnäs in the Swedish archipelago. Wonderfully quiet and refreshing! During these days the kids were able to enjoy some woodwork, rowing, fishing, playing games and reading a lot of cartoons.

Today we celebrate Midsummers eve and Jemima and Josef has gone with their cousins back to Våtnäs. Jonathan and Jasmine celebrate with their second cousins and Paulinas parents.
Daniel and Paulina are on their way to speak at Nyhems conference. On Sunday we will speak at Filadelfia church at Öckerö in the morning and then NXT Church in Gothenburg in the afternoon.

The highlight of last week (and the summer) was offcourse Paulinas sister Erika and Douglas wedding. What a party! More than 200 guests from many cultures (a small foretaste of heaven). African food and Swedish smorgasbord. People from Iraq, Congo, Netherlands, Sweden, etc, no one could resist dancing to the African rythms.
In one of the pictures you can see the flower girls and the page boy getting ready in the car, another one is a snapshot from the photosession.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweden is fantastic

Cold. Fresh. Beautiful.
Silent. Clean. Green.
It was six degrees Celsius and a bit rainy when we arrived at Arlanda International Airport early in the morning last Thursday. We have met our dear relatives and some precious friends. The kids have had a lot of fun with their friends. We have celebrated the Swedish national day. We have been to LifeCenter Västerås church. Paulina has been to the hen party for her sister and Daniel has been to the stag party of her husband to be. On Saturday there will be a big, fun wedding. We enjoy life and are having an overdose on Scandinavian oxygen... Sweden is fantastic.

This picture was taken at midnight at Våtnäs, where we go for a few days tomorrow.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

On the way to Sweden

We have had a few busy days. Sorry we haven´t updated this blog as we should. In a few hours we are leaving for Sweden. Hopefully we will be able to update you on some things in a few days. We are excited about what God is doing in Bangkok and we look forward to come back in the middle of July. However it is going to be nice to have some weeks in Sweden.

Today we celebrated Josef´s K5 graduation. One day early, but on the dress rehearsal Josef got his diploma, Yey! We are so proud of our kids and what they have accomplished this year! We thank God for International Community School and all the friends that our kids now have in town. The rest of Josef´s class celebrate tomorrow, but then we are in Sweden. Have a great day!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Freedom weekend

Every day counts! This week some of our new friends asked us if we could do something over the long weekend (this Friday was a red day). So we decided to hold an encounter, a "Freedom weekend" as we call it in LifeCenter. So on Friday morning we started and what a weekend we had! Totally seven people people have been with us. We have had a lot of fun and food and we have been teaching the Word and praying together. This is such a great way to get to know one another and at the same time help these precious people find the liberating life principles in the Bible. (The picture above is from the bookshop when they got their own Bibles.)

On Sunday we went together to the Jaisamarn Church at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 68. This is the first Thai church that we visited when we came to Bangkok in 2007. When we, for the first time, saw hundreds of Thai worship Jesus, we had tears in our eyes. This time we had the honor to share the Word. We were treated like royalties but had to leave directly after the service. We had to press through the traffic jam to our own LifeCenter service at one oclock. So far there has been new people every Sunday and we feel like we have got a family of youth in Bangkok. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

100 calls, 8 stitches and 3 baptisms later

Yesterday we sat up our office at Starbucks, MBK and then we worked with spreadsheets and phone calls. Together with our two Thai friends we called over a hundred people. It took a few hours than we moved to the "Red Mango" and continued a few more.

Today we took the family to the Dynasty Hotel for our second Sunday service. Our kids were so happy for some of their friends would come. They prepared some things for the kids to do during service. They helped out with the flowers and the fruits that we had bought. Then our dearest Jasmine tripped, dropped a glass and fell with her elbow on it. Just a few minutes before the service Paulina had to take her to the hospital. Jasmine was so brave and endured the pain. She got eight stitches.

As soon as Jasmine were finished at the hospital she wanted to go back to church. They came back just before we were about to go down to the pool and have a baptism. One girl got saved tonight. Two girls and a boy got baptized. Every heart is so precious in God´s eyes.

We weren´t that many today but everyone was in a good mood eventhough we missed the teams that have been here and given so much joy and excitement. We, however, are very happy as we can see who seems to be able to be in the real core group. Hugs to you all!