Sunday, May 10, 2009

Freedom weekend

Every day counts! This week some of our new friends asked us if we could do something over the long weekend (this Friday was a red day). So we decided to hold an encounter, a "Freedom weekend" as we call it in LifeCenter. So on Friday morning we started and what a weekend we had! Totally seven people people have been with us. We have had a lot of fun and food and we have been teaching the Word and praying together. This is such a great way to get to know one another and at the same time help these precious people find the liberating life principles in the Bible. (The picture above is from the bookshop when they got their own Bibles.)

On Sunday we went together to the Jaisamarn Church at Ramkhamhaeng Soi 68. This is the first Thai church that we visited when we came to Bangkok in 2007. When we, for the first time, saw hundreds of Thai worship Jesus, we had tears in our eyes. This time we had the honor to share the Word. We were treated like royalties but had to leave directly after the service. We had to press through the traffic jam to our own LifeCenter service at one oclock. So far there has been new people every Sunday and we feel like we have got a family of youth in Bangkok. Thank you Jesus!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

100 calls, 8 stitches and 3 baptisms later

Yesterday we sat up our office at Starbucks, MBK and then we worked with spreadsheets and phone calls. Together with our two Thai friends we called over a hundred people. It took a few hours than we moved to the "Red Mango" and continued a few more.

Today we took the family to the Dynasty Hotel for our second Sunday service. Our kids were so happy for some of their friends would come. They prepared some things for the kids to do during service. They helped out with the flowers and the fruits that we had bought. Then our dearest Jasmine tripped, dropped a glass and fell with her elbow on it. Just a few minutes before the service Paulina had to take her to the hospital. Jasmine was so brave and endured the pain. She got eight stitches.

As soon as Jasmine were finished at the hospital she wanted to go back to church. They came back just before we were about to go down to the pool and have a baptism. One girl got saved tonight. Two girls and a boy got baptized. Every heart is so precious in God´s eyes.

We weren´t that many today but everyone was in a good mood eventhough we missed the teams that have been here and given so much joy and excitement. We, however, are very happy as we can see who seems to be able to be in the real core group. Hugs to you all!

Friday, May 1, 2009

We need your prayers like never before

We have 98 newborn babies to take care of. These last two weeks 98 people have decided to give their hearts to Jesus.

Last night we packed the room and had a great Jesus party. And when we did the altar call people flooded to the front. As we have been praying for the start of HiGH LiFE and the GOD LOVES BANGKOK festival we have been praying for 50 new people. Now we have almost the double and another 50 or so have given us their contact information because they want to know more about the life with Jesus.

We thank God for the LifeCenter team and the MissionSOS/MCM team that has been serving, sharing and showing God´s love to the people of Bangkok. Today the MissionSOS/MCM team is leaving. Thank you guys for coming! You have made an eternal impact!

As we believed for a supernatural harvest, we now believe for a supernatural way of taking care of all these precious people. Please lift all these new believers in prayer.