Sunday, May 3, 2009

100 calls, 8 stitches and 3 baptisms later

Yesterday we sat up our office at Starbucks, MBK and then we worked with spreadsheets and phone calls. Together with our two Thai friends we called over a hundred people. It took a few hours than we moved to the "Red Mango" and continued a few more.

Today we took the family to the Dynasty Hotel for our second Sunday service. Our kids were so happy for some of their friends would come. They prepared some things for the kids to do during service. They helped out with the flowers and the fruits that we had bought. Then our dearest Jasmine tripped, dropped a glass and fell with her elbow on it. Just a few minutes before the service Paulina had to take her to the hospital. Jasmine was so brave and endured the pain. She got eight stitches.

As soon as Jasmine were finished at the hospital she wanted to go back to church. They came back just before we were about to go down to the pool and have a baptism. One girl got saved tonight. Two girls and a boy got baptized. Every heart is so precious in God´s eyes.

We weren´t that many today but everyone was in a good mood eventhough we missed the teams that have been here and given so much joy and excitement. We, however, are very happy as we can see who seems to be able to be in the real core group. Hugs to you all!

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